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ok i was tagged in that six selfies thing so i went through the vaults and dug up some of my favourites from the past three-ish years for y’all 💙

i’m gonna tag vvnitiger-in-the-flightdeck, and johnfuckingwatson 💙💙💙


today I went to olive garden and there was a man wearing a fedora behind me and my mother whispered to me “why is that man wearing a hat we are indoors I don’t understand” and he whipped around with all seriousness and said “twilight sparkle came to me in a dream and requested that I wear this crown for the duration of the evening” and me, not knowing what to do just said “ok” but then the guy started laughing and he was like “I’m just kidding I just like hats”


-boys that are against feminism
-boys that call girls sluts and whores
-boys that think a vagina gets loose after having a lot of sex
-white boys that use the n word

Why do bronies complain about being friendzoned? I thought friendship was magic.


I was watching saturday night live yesterday, and they had a sketch satirizing mra's. The guys who was the mra reminded me of a neckbeard because one of the female characters said "He probably just had a bad relationship when he was 18, and he said "Well that is correct....".
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i would take them more seriously if like 70% of their ‘movement’ wasn’t complaining about how all women are bitches and feminazi sluts tbh

me wearing my very best meme shirt to the pub 😚

me wearing my very best meme shirt to the pub 😚

want to be my meme pal
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ok so i’m currently experiencing a classic ‘friendzone’ situation and the whole thing has just baffled me further

to cut a long story short, i really like a girl and we hung out a fair bit, and i told her i liked her but she told me she didn’t feel the same way

i was pretty sad, but i don’t blame her in the slightest and i don’t see how anyone in my position ever could?? we’re still really good friends and because i’m an adult i keep any more-than-friends feelings in check

i guess i just don’t understand the mentality of guys who blow up at girls who reject them, to the point where they call them friendzoning bitches/fat sluts/etc


Don’t let boys who get turned on by cartoon ponies tell you shit about life

The Özil gif is the one tagged jaysusjayne
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gold star for u for knowing my own blog far better than i do

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