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probably the absolute worst feeling in the goddamn world is being a fan of the show "waifu" originated from. with all these dudebronies using it it makes me feel unclean
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this is unrelated but i just realised i’m living a lie

krieger has a waifu and i love him. he is my problematic fave lmao

Hey um. I was in a situation kinda like the anon. It was more than one and they were usually older than 25. Ive been following this blog to help me see what kind of scum they are. But if they're scum doesnt that mean Im scum too for letting them screw me? Oh er btw I got pretty triggered by that dick cuz I was on mobile and it didn get blocked. Can you not do that again? or put it under a readmore? OH and do you think there's something about neckbeards that made them do that to me?
asked by ragingpeacock

i’m sorry that happened to you and of course you’re not scum. there will always be men (and women) who get off from predatory behaviour - it is never the child/teenager’s fault and we need to teach young girls and boys how to recognise that sort of conduct

and i tagged it as nsfw - perhaps consider not using mobile blogging if dick gifs badly trigger you or installing xkit for mobile so you can blacklist things

they’ll never get us in here scoob

they’ll never get us in here scoob

I was in GameStop today and there was a (probably around this age) 13 year old kid with a wispy white boy 'stache and he was wearing a PLEATHER trilby and his mom was there with him, probably to buy some M rated game for him. I immediately thought of this blog. Pleather fedoras are a whole new level of neckbeard...
asked by quadhonks

aww if he’s only 13 i’d cut him some slack, he’s only a neckbeard-in-training and there’s plenty of time for him to come to his senses

although he’s probably one of those 13 year old twats on xbox live who have fucked my mum, so ehhhh

I used to be a neckbeard until I REALIZED I was a neckbeard and turned that shit the fuck around. In my defense, I was a freshman in high school and now that I graduated and look back.....god I was a fag.
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please don’t say fag :c

but well done on your turnaround!! there should be a tv show like the biggest loser or something where people are coached through ‘neckbeard to functioning member or society’ transformations

one time I dated a neckbeard. He was 21 and I was 13 and he called me his 'little girl'. That is probably my deepest darkest secret.
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fuck that’s straight up paedophilia and abuse and the least ok thing i’ve ever read, if u ever need someone to talk to please feel free to come off anon 💙

What do you think is worse a brony that isn't a neckbeard or a neckbeard that isn't a brony?

The only similarities I have to neckbeards are that I'm a bit socially awkward (not nearly as bad as them though) and I spend a lot of time on the internet but I don't think that matters as much sense I'm still a teenager but I'm really scared that I might turn into because I play RPGs (video games kind of like world of Warcraft) what do you think?
asked by Anonymous

naaaaah you’ll be fine mate. honestly self-awareness and not being an egotistical prick are the keys, and you sound like you’ve got those two things in the bag

i personally spend too much time on the internet and love skyrim. being a bit nerdy does not automatically equal a slow descent into neckbeard-dom

Just out of curiosity why are all of your asks tagged with ravens?
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it’s an xkit thing - i chose that as my replies tag on my main blog and it automatically tags asks on this blog as well

god damit i was not ready for the pudgey little weener with that FUCKING hat. great blog though
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You are a bigoted creep, get cancer
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u wot m8???? r u havin’ a giggle m8?? i’ll bash ur head in i sware on me mum

u r 1 cheeky kunt, fight me IRL

As a brony myself you wold expect me to say stuff like "your ignorant' or "don't do that ", but I could not be farther from the truth. just to say i love your blog and appreciate your open mindedness it's very funny and i enjoy your work,these "good guys" need to get whats coming to them, i'd just wish there where more failbook entry's and images. Not really a question, just wanted to out my two cents out there. ~I wold never treat you like that, so like message me...why are girls so dumb~ LAMO

darude - sandstorm

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welcome to the wonderful world of foreskins

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